About SI

Organization Summary

Sikder Institute is a nonprofit research institution whose philosophy emphasizes the application of basic scientific and engineering knowledge to encourage people to be financially independent and to motivate students in pursuit of scientific advances through interdisciplinary programs. Sikder Institute also administers science, technology and engineering programs where students apply scientific knowledge to life, research and inventions. Our programs spark creativity in students, encourage the rising generation of teen scientists and engineers with the recognition for their efforts, and provide scholarships and apprenticeships for interested students in pursuing career in science and technology.

Our Program & Its Impact

Our job training and mentoring programs are for educated unemployed people in the Bay Area. At this point, the program is offering to provide special skill training in three areas- web design, accounting and bookkeeping, tax preparation.

Sikder Institute will provide one instructor and a tutor for each subject of training, often along with a caring adult volunteer who is trained to focus on positive reinforcement and the achievement of goals. The instructors will be engaging with the students one-on-one in class and group in the community. Mentors and trainees will meet for 6 hours per week for each course. The length of the courses will vary one from another. They will be for 2-3 month depending on the trainee’s capacity to learn and complexity of the course matertial.

Ongoing training will continue with mentors with the individuals throughout the year. The training sessions are completely free. That is the motto of Sikder Institute- providing knowledge and skill for free to move individuals out of unemployment through proper job training.

Our Motto:

1. Poverty alleviation by providing industry demanding job skills training

2. Research computer science apprenticeships program

3. Research in computational biology program

4. Research in personalized medicine

5. System development in machine learning and artificial intelligence

“Our mission is to alleviate poverty by providing high quality job training and conduct cutting edge research in the area of computational biology, machine learning, personalized medicine and artificial intelligence.”