Areas of Job Training:

1. Web design:

Sikder Institute is taking a proactive stance on helping to create employment opportunities. Our apprenticeship is an initiative to help those that are unemployed and underemployed. We will help them to penetrate the high-demand, and well paying IT sector.

The goal of the program is to make the participants economically stable and secure a job by preparing them to get globally certified in IT and specifically web designing to be ready to work. Those completing our program will be provided with all the elements, computers, study guides and will be trained with all the knowledge that they need to excell in the industry.

2. Accounting & bookkeeping:

A wide range of job opportunities exist in the field of accounting & bookkeeping.

Entry-level jobs are dependent on the extent of your education. Positions of bookkeeper and accounting clerk, for example, require a high school diploma and perhaps a two-year associate degree in accounting. But we will provide the knowledge and skill that is needed to get a job in the industry. Along with this, the best way to learn how to become a bookkeeper is to study accounting software and spreadsheets, so consider taking our compact courses, online tutorials and learning the basics FOR FREE to know how those programs work.

We will teach how to work on spreadsheet software programs like Microsoft Excel, which can be of great use in analyzing and organizing your clients’ accounts.

Also we will provide training on bookkeeping software to speed up your work of bookkeeping and verify or satisfy a certain client’s proclivities. You can learn these software tools FOR FREE through the guidance of us.

3. Tax Preparation:

In addition, we will be providing outstanding tax preparation courses FOR FREE. Benefits of enrolling in tax courses include

-learning how to prepare income tax returns for the general taxpaying public

Prior tax or accounting experience or knowledge is not necessary.

Learn everything you need to know to succeed as a tax professional

We will also provide training for CTEC certification

Internship for high school students:

This is an opportunity for students interested in getting involved with science and research related internship and gaining work experience, extending

their skills and/or going deeper into science!!! The internships have both paid and unpaid categories. It will not require any recommendation for them to get the internship.